J'Habite Un Soupir

Tiny easy lemon pancakes

Eliminating gluten solved many digestive and dermatological issues for me. It also has given me back a lot of energy and made me regain my brain focus and my resilience in the face of difficult times.

A wooden worktop, in the blurred background a recycled wooden box is full of jars of spices, in front of it a blue glass jar filled with coconut sugar, a pale pink plate in sandstone in which a stack of small golden pancakes are placed next to two other sprinkled of coconut sugar Focus on the plate where one of the pancakes covered with sugar and soy cream has been bitten Focus on golden stack of pancakes

It's been exactly a year since I didn't post any recipe on this blog, and also seven that wheat flour can't be found in my kitchen.

To celebrate the event, here is one for the first time in (my approximate) english, a yummy hot breakfast for rainy morning.

On the pine worktop, in front of the spice box and a large glass jar of coarse salt, a green anise bowl with a flat bottom and the jars of all the ingredients for the recipe Same shot seen from above with all the dry ingredients in the bowl Same shot seen from above with mixed ingredients on which a whole egg has been broken Same shot seen of dough been kneaded with a fork Same shot seen after milk added

Mix all the dry ingredients, add the lemon and the egg, work it with a fork to get wet all the mix, then add vegetal milk until have a greek yogourt consistency. Oil a pan with coconut oil. Make discs of a tennis ball size and cook each sides three minutes on middle fire.

To taste with veggie cream or, as I am from french Brittany, with salted butter - yes, not afraid to make gaps, not at all - and coconut blossom sugar sprinkled on it. All accompanied by a comforting organic chicory.

Three pancacakes are cooking in a pan Big focus just on five stacked pancakes Big focus on the bottom of a glass jar of coco oil melted and a nice old silver spoon Just two pancakes in a plate, one is simply just cooked and the other is nicely decorated with coco sugar which is melting in a spoonful of soy cream Same nice and yummy decoration on three pancakes stacked with soy cream melting on their edge

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