J'Habite Un Soupir

Spicy hot chocolate

Global warming doesn't only mean sunny days more frequently during the year. It generates great differences from one week to another, makes us wearing only a shirt in march and a wool cap during april. From a comfortable temperature to big grey clouds and cold wind just after. From months without one drop of rain to a deluge in just one night.
But this year, one more step has been climbed.

Since I live in this city, with view of a piece of nature, I have seen the trees to adorn themselves with new leaves always at the same period, in the middle of march, and quite quickly, making the surprise from a day to another.

But this time, it has taken three weeks, sometimes more than a month for certain variety of trees. The little fresh and light green leaves opening very slowly, growing with lots of difficulties because of the lack of water.

And this is a very bad sign of our time, that should worry us a lot.

So, between this sad begining of spring, with naked trees, and all the others bad news over the country, over the world... And the return of the cold which makes me poorly sick two days on seven, I often really need something soothing and comforting, at a moment, during a long day, between tiredness, boredom and soreness.

Here is the simple sweet and generous hot drink I prepare.

The 11th of April 2019 — Posted by corOllule dU cHamp Du pOirier in My English