Spicy hot chocolate

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Global warming doesn't only mean sunny days more frequently during the year. It generates great differences from one week to another, makes us wearing only a shirt in march and a wool cap during april. From a comfortable temperature to big grey clouds and cold wind just after. From months without one drop of rain to a deluge in just one night.
But this year, one more step has been climbed.

Since I live in this city, with view of a piece of nature, I have seen the trees to adorn themselves with new leaves always at the same period, in the middle of march, and quite quickly, making the surprise from a day to another.

But this time, it has taken three weeks, sometimes more than a month for certain variety of trees. The little fresh and light green leaves opening very slowly, growing with lots of difficulties because of the lack of water.

And this is a very bad sign of our time, that should worry us a lot.

So, between this sad begining of spring, with naked trees, and all the others bad news over the country, over the world... And the return of the cold which makes me poorly sick two days on seven, I often really need something soothing and comforting, at a moment, during a long day, between tiredness, boredom and soreness.

Here is the simple sweet and generous hot drink I prepare.

  • In a pan, pour milk, cocoa, rapadura, and heat over very low fire.
  • Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a pinch of four spices.
  • Dissolve the cocoa and spices well and wait for the mixture to simmer slightly.
  • Serve with candied ginger cubes and amaranth chocolate biscuits, low carb, organic and gluten free, from [ l'Épicerie Locale ] of Aline and Olivier.

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About bujo

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After three years of using a bullet journal, I think I can say now that this tool suite my needs and habits. And also that I've finally found the setup which matches to my way of thinking.

I am quite a slow person, I confess. I need time to create and to adapt things to my brain. To this added the constance of the change. So between finding my personal method and follow my life evolution, years pass.

Today my bujo is on the good way of the stabilisation, but of course, it will continue to be adapted to each particular time, projet or need which will come over.

Writting this post, I realise that, henceforth, I am no longer abble to take notes, make lists and manage my time without this unrestricted and simple solution which just costs a paper book. However, after a certain time of using it, I found out that specific pens and notebooks could be more relevant. Especially, some felts with very fine points and paper with lines, or points, but resistant and soft.

If you've never heard about the bullet journal, I invite you to explore the website of its designer [ Ryder Carroll ]. Or if english is not your friend, [ here ] is a clear explanation in french, step by step. You will see how to start simply. Take time to make tries and don"t worry about mistakes.

When you'll be ready, feel free after that to search suggestions, tutorials and others setups which are numerous on the web. As example, [ this post ] gives good ideas to expand the content of your journal and discover cool and simple forms of semester, monthly, weekly, habits or several list and collection pages. And [ this one ], which contains a video, makes you learn the system of rapid logging, or how to catch easy clear information from your journal.

For my part, I didn't explore much more than that because I wanted a minimalist style of journal, practical and quick to make. I started a collection of links into a pinterest board and I regulary take a look at it when I am less of inspiration. So the look of my bujo is not original at all, but it's not the point. I just wanted to lighten my thoughts.

And it works. Instead of concentrate myself to not forget all things I want to do and others which need to be done - and pass my time of forgetting some even so - I think more of how to do it and what else.

It's interesting to notice that it widens the view, furthers differents angles, allows breaks without feeling guilty, because an eye is keept on what is already done. And also spaces of respiration. My brain is free to get empty by moment.

And this is only possible because a bullet journal is a modular framework, a handmade diary where each module serves to organize related information, which can be mixed, reduced, enlarged, customized, created, entirely built for each pair of eyes and kind of brain. Besides, I know a guy who has put his up in a fast text editor.

So mine is classic but it looks like me. It offers me an intimate and quiet space, what a trade diary never do let.

In the same way, to work better, to invent, to do research with an open mind and have time to get things mature, it needs a dedicated area. This is the story of my life, given that I work at home. I know this is an inestimable luxury to live, even just during a few days, in a special place where only creation is your preoccupation.

One of my big dreams is to built one day my luxury soft life dedicated area.

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Purple butter lip

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This makes a long time that I look for a lips care which repair perfectly the delicate skin of lips. Mine are always dry and rough, despite of what I can apply on it. So I have decided to make it myself, and a creamy glossy one, but simple and natural. This is a first try and first success.

I used to buy very good organic products for my lips, but I have never get the same result as industrial cosmetics give. When I was young, I always had a Dermophil Indien in my bag. It made miracles on my lips, until I became allergic of the balm of Peru.

Today, I also know that those kind of cosmetic cares contain petrochemical ingredients like vaseline and paraffin, and others things like alcohols and esterified acids. Or for the pink version, this aluminum lake of erythrosine, named E127, which is a potentially carcinogenic dye.

So, after this short state of play, here my recipe :

  • 5ml of Castor oil
  • 5ml of Coco oil
  • 2ml of Beeswax
  • 5ml of Aloe Vera
  • A pigment knife tip
  • A drop of vit. E
  • 20 drops of Grapefruit seed extract

Melt the wax and the oils in a bain-marie over very low heat. Add the pigment in this phase.

For my part, I took a natural eye shadow from Benecos, the Happy Hour, which is a satined dark purple. It brings a mauve reflection in a nude style that suits my complexion.

Remove from heat when the pigments are well dissolved and wait until the mixture drops slightly in temperature. Then, graddually pour the aloe, whisking vigorously from the outside to the inside. The mixture whitens and becomes unctuous. At the end, add the drops of Vit. E and grapefruit seed extract.

Put in a little jar and let cool completely.

We get a creamy butter that repairs, smoothes, softens and protects all day, with a nice gloss effect that has a very good performance.

Applied in the evening before going to sleep, it makes soft and smooth lips for the morning.

Now, focus on the ingredients :

  • Softening, slightly purifying and film-forming for a protective and shiny effect, the Castor oil ensures a good dispersion of the pigments.
  • Coco is a nourishing, soothing, restorative oil for chapped, dry, damaged skin. Shea butter or Kokum butter can replace it or be mixed with it in a proportion depending of the consistency wanted.
  • Natural thickener, texture agent, the beeswax increases properties of the oils and its film-forming power. It also stabilizes the emulsion while bringing a silky touch. Rich in esters and fatty acids, it has been used for 2000 years for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. In a vegan version, carnauba wax can be an alternative, in a smaller proportion however.
  • Aloe vera gel is a treasure of benefits, rich in vitamins and trace elements, it moisturizes, soothes, repairs, regenerates and protects.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which has here the functionof preservative. But I think we can do without it given the antioxidant and purifying properties already contained in the other ingredients.

It can be kept for two to three months in the fridge.

To color this sweet cloud of sparkling butter, you can use other solutions such as cocoa powder, beet juice or dried hibiscus flower. Beside, this latter also has antioxidant, moisturizing, softening and revitalizing.

To perfume or enhance the properties of this homemade care, many choices of essential oils are disposal such as vanilla, rose, geranium or more sweet orange.

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Soft colors words

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When I was a child, about seven years old, I was jalous about my sister who began to learn English. This language appeared to me with sunny and brightly colors. Yes, I see colors on each vowels and consonants. And at this time, french was dark, grey and a sad way to talk.

French was the language of the bible, of the pastor's sermon every Sabbath morning, of the argues between my parents, of the children at school who called me "Serpent à lunettes", "Jambes d'allumettes", "Trisomie 21" or "Bâtons de tambour".

Yes, I weared glasses, I got almond eyes and a very straight hair at this time. Which, by the way, is a little bit wird considering my curly hair today. I was also smaller than the other kids of my age, all the more so because of my anorexia.

On the other hand, English was the language of those mysterious words embedded in some scenes in Charlie Chaplin's movies that I could see on the french public tv each Christmas. Evenly the language of Mowgli and Mary Poppins, of those movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot or Dustin Hofman in Little Big Man.

To pronounce this sweet and singing language was, and still be, a real enjoyness for my mouth. I don't exagerate. In a way, this is a body language. And the pictures the english words create in my mind, as well as the links between ideas, are more close to my way of thinking, and logical to me, than French.

I have been liking my mother tongue only recently, since about ten years, through my blogging activity which makes me read more and work on a text for a long time before publishing it. But I love English for fourty years. And this summer, I have choosen to study it again.

Firstable, to become able to understand international anglophone web ressources, like news and receipes, Yoga and DIY videos, films, series or documentories. Knowing that 54% of the websites content are in English and the English-speaking population online was about 873 millions in 2015, with growth of 300% the last ten years...

It would be second to none to explore all that without subtitles. And secondly, of course, to be able to speak fluently.

In a legitimate way, the prevalence of English in many domains can be seen as a problem and criticized. It is necessary indeed to help the others languages proportion increase. I would'nt like to see French disappear from screens.

In fact, I contribute with my blog to the contrary and also to its evolution, in particular through the inclusive writing that I defend ardently.

But this is not the point, this is about learning several languages. English is a first choice for me, but then no question to stop, because I will be even more able to learn languages which are close to it, for example Japanese... Or why not Korean !

A few studies prove today that speaking different languages maintains a healthy brain, produces new neuronal connections, preserves from degerenative diseases and makes people be more curious and tolerant.

Who knows, perhaps it will also open doors on my jobseeker route.

In the meantime, I love to think in, read and listen to the language of Virginia Woolf, Mark Twain, William Egglestone or even Jane Jacobs. But here I am going to do the effort to write too, regularly, that will make me do some research on my own, as I always do obviously, but it would be supplementary usefull homework besides my english class.

So, this is the first article, hoping of a long list which will be less and less full of mistakes and clumsiness... and perhaps more and more stylish.

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